Internship Abroad

Many countries offer streamline training programs for professionals seeking to receive training in their field of study. Initial visas are issued for six months to one year, further extensions are allowed in few countries.

The beauty of this program is that with proper documentation and qualifications, the individual can work under trained seniors and gain first hand experience. Medicine, dentistry, engineering, hotel management, IT and many other skilled professional fields are excellent candidates for this program, as they present wealth of opportunity.

Also few countries will allow to reside family members of qualified individuals in the country. This is an excellent program,particularly for students who are about to finish their studies, which we would be delighted to discuss with you in more detail.

During your assessment, one of our experts will go through the requirement with you, and determine if you are entitled to enough points to submit a request under this program, the requirements of which are quite straightforward.

Essentially, you have to meet certain criteria regarding age, education and previous training in your field, as well certain financial ability. has extensive experience assisting our clients, and feel it is one of the most exciting programs in place today. Let us discuss it with you in depth, and show you how it can be preferred path of your goals.