USA Visa

USA Visa

We can help you get B1/B2 US visa & process documentations for renewal and more, take appointment call, for more info, click on this link to visit our website.

We help you get US Visa without wasting time

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As you start process for obtaining US Visa, you hear inflated stories & controversies surrounding visa rejection. Internet is overflooded with partial and often annoying information related to visa rejection.

As an applicant you ought to understand that if your documents are in order, you’re following the correct procedure, and you’ve communicated yourself clearly in the interview, there is no reason why your visa should be rejected.

There is no embassy in the world that would reject or stop tourists or people with genuine intentions from visiting their country. If consulate/embassy is convinced that you’re entering their country using fair procedure,you are well informed about the laws of their land, and ready to abide by them, and will return to your country of origin within time prescribed, you should not worry about getting US visa or it being rejected.

Business Visa & (visitor) or Tourist Visa (B1 & B2 Visa)

The B-1 visitor visa is for people traveling to the United States for short or long duration for the purpose of business. People traveling for pleasure or medical reasons need to apply for B-2 visa. Traveling for business (B1 Visa) covers a wide range of purposes i.e. attending scientific conference, educational, professional or business conventions, pitching deal, negotiating contracts, etc.

We offer step-by step help through all documentations (collect, verify, put them in required order), administrative procedures & formalities to get U.S. immigrant and non-immigrant visas for all Indian residents. Right from application, paying the application fee, to getting interview appointment at the U.S. Embassy closest to your city/town of residence, we take care of everything. We also arrange a mock (practice) interview session for you with your spouse, or co-travelers. Remember that 30 minutes of this visa interview conversation can make or break your chances of getting a visa; hence we suggest to avail of this practice or mock session facility.

How We Help You to Obtain B1, B2 visas

When you approach us for B1-B2 visa ,we apprise you of precise and correct procedure that’ll demonstrate to a Consular Officer that the applicant qualifies for U.S. visa as per the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). We ask you to submit a list of documents to be attached with visa application along with visa application fee. We also advise you to carry additional supporting documents at the time of interview appointment, depending on the peculiarity of cases mentioned below.

If you’re traveling for business and representing your company, we ask you to carry proof of position you hold in the company & remuneration slip; if you’re visiting relatives, carry photocopies of their proof of status like, Green Card, naturalization certificate, valid visa, etc.; if you are traveling for medical reasons, we ask you to carry relevant medical documents. We also inform you about your driving rights, whether you can rent an apartment, open a bank account etc. on business visa. Micro assistance of this nature makes you aware, saving you from making mistakes and doing frequent rounds of embassy.

Our direction and assistance improves your chances of getting visa smoothly in minimal time. We advise all our clients to apply for visa minimum 6-8 weeks in advance; and not book flight tickets or hotels until you have a received visa clearance. If you have doubts or need more info, talk to us on what’s app us.. or send an e-mail.